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Bluebeam Compatible

iMarkups directly integrates with markup solutions like Bluebeam. This integration allows your company to use iMarkups with 100 percent confidence. If your company is working with another firm who uses Bluebeam, iMarkups allows you to pass your field notes and markups between systems.

More About iMarkups

What is iMarkups?

iMarkups transmits a digital copy of your paper markups and field notes to your project team via email and AUTOMATICALLY posts the proposed revision under the parent document in the master set of your project hosted in Your iMarkups account.

Why use iMarkups?

iMarkups eliminates the chance of notes or markups to be misplaced, misfiled, or miscommunicated. The iMarkups system automatically posts the paper markup under the parent file in your iMarkups account for TRUE DOCUMENT CONTROL. No need to mail, transport, or scan paper markups and then send email attachments of markups without an audit trail. IMarkups allows instant transmission of changes to save time and money in project completion.

Where can I use iMarkups?

All paper field notes and markups can be transmitted from any remote location jobsite trailer, or project stakeholder office. Since markups are transmitted from your pen with no need to have a computer to access your iMarkups account, users can successfully use iMarkups from even the most remote location.

So easy to use.

It is not uncommon to have a company adopt a software package with the intent of creating a company standard to be used by all. In reality these standards are threatened by the habits and comfort level of company staff. iMarkups is the most widely adopted solution in the design and construction industry because ALL USERS KNOW HOW TO USE A PEN, but your organization gets the benefit of the digital intelligence the pen transmits.

Forensic reporting.

Anytime a paper document is revised with the iMarkups pen, it not only transmits the paper changes to your iMarkups account but keeps a forensic audit trail of the markup author and time and date of proposed revisions.

"Fort Knox like" document and revision control.

It is not uncommon to have multiple printed copies of a document circulating across a project team. Field notes and markups made from a paper copy might not be reflected in the master set of digital documents. This creates a disconnect for any member of the project team.


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